Leading-edge AI and automation

Autosem works to help SEO agencies deliver incredible, tailored content with ease. Combining AI content generation with a host of automation and data management features.

Import your clients & tailor content to their business

Ensuring that your content is tailored to your clients’ businesses is key to delivering a successful SEO service. Autosem enables you to import your clients and their data, and use this to generate content that is specific to their needs.

Import your clients from a CSV or add them manually.

Use client data in fully-customizable prompts.

Set client-level schedules to automatically generate monthly or weekly content for specific keywords (coming soon).

Autosem clients table
Autosem workflows table

Use workflows to create multiple content styles at scale

SEO agencies often need to deliver multiple content styles for their clients. Autosem enables you to create workflows for each of these styles, ensuring that you can deliver the right content for each client.

Automatically generate titles from customizable prompts.

Automatically add stock images and external links.

Generate article content from fully customizable prompts.

Automatically check for plagiarism against internal and external sources.

Generate thousands of articles at once

SEO agencies deliver a high volume of content for their clients. Autosem enables you to create batches of articles, generating the styles of content needed for each of your clients.

Create batches of articles for generation.

Set article-level parameters such as keywords and links.

View the status and plagiarism data for each piece of content.

Autosem clients table
Autosem workflows table

Edit & export content

Autosem provides a rich text editor that enables you to edit and export content in a variety of formats. This enables you to review and edit content before exporting it to your clients.

Edit content in a rich text editor.

Add links and images to your content.

Export content in a variety of formats.

Propel your agency into the future

Agencies leveraging Autosem to streamline their SEO services are reducing content creation costs, and more importantly, freeing up their team from time-consuming administrative tasks.

Reduce costs

Agencies can pay over $100/article for SEO content. Autosem can reduce costs by 10x whilst maintaining quality in many cases.

Reduce admin workload

Finding, hiring, engaging and paying copywriters is a time-consuming task for agencies. Removing this burden enables them to focus on high-value tasks.

Remove bottlenecks

By reducing or removing the need to hire more copywriters to fulfil orders, capacity increases, enabling sales expansion.

Get started with 50% off

Trial Autosem for your agency’s use case with $100 credit for only $50. Typically, $100 credit can get you up to 25 SEO articles depending on their length and complexity. Check out our pricing for more information.

Autosem rich text editor